Equipment and accessories for drivers

Our Michaël Mazuin Sport’s showroom located near Namur, equips and supplies automobile drivers. Discover our large choice in combinations and accessories for practicing karting, rally, or the singular seat formula.

Your driver equipment for motor sports at Michaël Mazuin Sport

Provide your drivers with equipment in our Sart-Saint-Laurent store in order to guarantee the following:

  • Large choice in suits and accessories on-site: our stock allows us to meet most of the requests (models for men, women, and children starting from size 130 up to XXL). You will also find underwear, caps, gloves, shoes and Hans ®system among the best brands (Sparco, Schroth) ;
  • FIA approved professional equipment: our articles respect to the FIA standards in force, applicable in regional, national, and international automotive events
  • Try out your driver’s outfit: test the ergonomics of your suit on a bucket seat before you buy
  • Personalized tips: for each sportive discipline we have adapted clothing. Our specialists will advise you according to your motor sport, your level of expertise and your budget.

Race uniforms: your security above all else


The veteran drivers know: It is important to wear suitable driving cloths when you get in a race car.  Do you practice karting, rally, or single-seat car racing as an amateur or a professional?  Will you participate in the next Track Day on circuit? Your security is a priority.

  • Your outfit’s (uniform + helmet) main function is to protect you from a fall, or the ignition of your race car. According to the quality of the garment, the flame retardancy varies by several seconds 
  • Our specialists in automobile equipment advise you according to your automobile discipline and the level of demands. According to your needs, your equipment will be more or less ventilated, with a cooling system or rain protection (karting) 
  • Your uniform must be light, ergonomic and abrasion resistant and comfortable. Your ideal outfit allows you the freedom of movement while adjusting to your morphology and size, for your best performance.

We stay informed of the evolution standards in force, recommended notably by the RACB and the ASAF.

Compliance with the FIA standards of professional automobile races

Do you want to participate in an automobile race on a regional, national, or international level? The Fédération Internationale Automobile (FIA) imposes the compulsory wearing of flame retardant clothing, under penalty of being disqualified. This provision includes the following pieces of clothing:  

  • Driver and co-driver uniforms
  • Hoods and long underwear
  • Gloves
  • Socks and shoes

These obligations apply to single-seat races on the circuit, hill climbing, special events during rallies, endurance events, etc.

Do you want to know more about our uniforms and accessories for automobile driver?

Contact Michaël Mazuin Sport to find out more about our range of clothes for drivers and get a quote for your equipment or all other questions about logistics for your automobile discipline. Our specialists are available to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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