Physical preparation for race car drivers

NEO Coaching is a specialized structure for the physical preparation of race car drivers. No matter what your objectives, athletic or not, NEO Coaching helps you to reach goals and answer your needs better. NEO Coaching is, above all else, a new way to train and get back into shape!

Your Physical preparation for race car drivers at Michaël Mazuin Sport

Indeed, each individual coaching or sequence of physical preparation starts with a complete checkup allowing to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This analysis also reveals any posture flaws as well as 'know your body' composition (positioning and precise measures of the rate of lean and fatty mass).

After analyzing these results, we will suggest the best personal solution and adapt to your needs.

Athletic or not, we mainly choose sessions that pertain to functional training. This type of training is organized around exercises that appeal to the body weight and allows you to use muscles in their entirety by using innovative equipment far from the traditional weight lifting.

Thanks to an adapted choice of exercises, expert tips and a good dose of motivation, you can quickly see results on strength, flexibility, balance and posture as well as improvement in your cardiovascular abilities.

Through our group classes, training programs, personal coaching, our training methods adapt to your objectives!

Do you want to know more about our physical preparation for race car drivers ?

Contact Michaël Mazuin Sport to find out more, get a quote or all other questions about logistics for your automobile discipline. Our specialists are available to answer all your questions as soon as possible.


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